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Hello everybody! The topic we are going to cover today revolves around crochet hooks. If, like me, you’ve had questions about which needle is best suited to bring your crochet creations to life, this article will certainly come in handy!

In a previous article, I addressed the topic of crochet threads and mentioned that the ideal needles for each piece and recipe are indicated on the thread labels.

However, the universe of crochet hooks is vast, with different types and manufacturers available, as with threads. In addition, these needles are made from various materials, as we will explore throughout this text.

Therefore, it is recommended that you are familiar with these different types of needles in order to make safe purchasing decisions.

Choosing the right crochet hook is essential for comfortable crocheting and ensuring your projects turn out beautifully. In this article, we’ll explore the various types of crochet hooks and offer valuable tips for beginners to help you embark on your crochet journey with confidence.

Crochet Needles

As discussed earlier, the dimensions of the hook suitable for each type of crochet yarn are indicated on the yarn label. Furthermore, it is possible that the threads suggest the use of more than one size of needle, depending on the desired effect.

However, the needles used in crochet have a series of additional characteristics, in addition to dimensions, which are not detailed on the yarn labels. Knowing these details is extremely important.

Crochet Needle Dimensions

Crochet hooks are calibrated in millimeters, constituting a standardized measure adopted by all manufacturers.

Despite the existence of this “universal” standard, certain manufacturers choose to add their own custom numbering. However, the most relevant information remains the measurement in millimeters engraved on each crochet hook. Keep this fact in mind.

Measures in millimeters on the needles

Now, let’s delve into the materials utilized in crafting needles.

Materials Used in Crafting Crochet Hooks:
Crochet hooks exhibit an extensive range of construction materials, with needles available in diverse colors too.

Examples of these materials include:
Metals: (Aluminium, steel)
Now, let’s initiate our discussion on metal needles:

Colored Aluminum Needles

Let’s start exploring crochet hooks made of aluminum in vibrant colors. They are available in a variety of sizes, including:

From 2mm to 10mm

Each needle size is associated with a specific shade, simplifying its identification.

In addition to being the lightest among all the needles that will be mentioned, the colored aluminum needles allow for more efficient and agile work.

Here are some examples of colored aluminum needles:

colored aluminum needles

Nickel plated steel needles

These needles are undoubtedly the most recognized and used, being often chosen for projects involving threads of a more delicate thickness. They are available in sizes ranging from 0.6 mm to 2.1 mm, covering:

1.50 mm
2.1 mm

Nickel plated steel needles

Aluminum Needle with Plastic Handle

This type of hook is widespread and highly appreciated among crochet enthusiasts. They have a slightly higher cost due to their construction that provides a more ergonomic fit in the hands. They are especially recommended for those who dedicate a lot of time to crochet, as they offer a superior level of comfort during use.

Aluminum needles with plastic handle

Steel Double Point Needles

Each of these needles is equipped with two ends of different sizes. Made of steel, they are available in a range from 2.0 mm to 5.0 mm. These hooks are widely used for Tunisian/Afghan crochet practice.

Steel Double Point Needles

Aluminum Needle with Bamboo Handle

For fans of bamboo needles who are also looking for a smoother thread glide, this option is perfect. Especially suited for projects involving Baroque-type yarn, these needles not only offer functionality, but also boast a striking style.



Aluminum Needle with Bamboo Handle

Video Tutorial

For those who prefer video tutorials, we’ve got you covered. I recommend this tutorial. The video was created by Naztazia Channel. You can find the video tutorial here below:

For those who prefer PDF tutorials, we’ve got you covered. You can see this tutorial in PDF here below:

Access the PDF/ Crochet hooks


To reiterate, determining the most suitable crochet hook or thread for your preferences or projects is ultimately a matter of consistent practice within the realm of crochet. Your own experience in the craft will be your most reliable guide. If you chance upon a crochet hook design that differs from those covered in this article, don’t hesitate to share your discovery with us here.



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